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Emmerdale reveals shock connection between THESE unlikely characters

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(Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale's Graham Foster and newcomer Andrea Tate have got history...

Andrea Tate has only been in Emmerdale for five minutes, and already she is causing quite a stir - but the mystery behind Jamie Tate's wife deepens next week when it becomes clear that she already knows Graham Foster...

It's fair to say that Kim Tate is never going to be Andrea's biggest fan.

Not only did she get off to a bad start with her daughter-in-law after Andrea nearly knocked her off a horse as she drove into the village, but Kim also sees Andrea as competition when it comes to getting Jamie's attention.

Kim gets a shock in Emmerdale

Kim and Andrea didn't get off to the best start (Credit: ITV)

But next week it seems there could be another reason for Kim to take a dislike to Andrea, because Jamie's wife has got history with Graham Foster, and Kim has no idea her daughter-in-law and sidekick Graham know one another.

When Graham returns to Home Farm next week, he is stunned to see Andrea there and pulls her to one side to ask what she is playing at.

And judging by the pair's reaction to seeing one another, they're not exactly best friends!

Graham returns in Emmerdale

Graham is shocked to find Andrea at Home Farm (Credit: ITV)

But while it is clear the pair know one another and share a chequered history, it is still unknown what their connection is.

Andrea begs Graham not to tell Jamie that they have history, and while Graham seemingly agrees, he is also forced to keep quiet when Kim complains to him that if she wants to keep her hold on Jamie then she is going to have to face the fact that Andrea is part of the family.

Graham returns in Emmerdale

Graham quizzes Andrea - but how do they know one another? (Credit: ITV)

But it seems Andrea is a little nervous of Graham, and in the village she quizzes Jamie about him, pretending that she's never seen him before.

But back at Home Farm, Andrea steels herself to see Graham again, preparing herself for confrontation. And she was right to be worried because before long the pair are arguing again.

But how do they know one another, and what sort of history do they share?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.