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Emmerdale to see Kim Tate set a DEADLY trap for her mystery poisoner

Emmerdale Kim Tate gathers poisoning suspects for revenge lunch ITV
<a href="/emmerdale/" data-source-seowords>Emmerdale</a> Kim Tate gathers poisoning suspects for revenge lunch ITV

Kim Tate is about to get the ultimate revenge after being poisoned for weeks...

Emmerdale has a big storyline twist planned for Kim Tate as she plots revenge on the mysterious figure who has been poisoning her for weeks.

The Home Farm queen has been fearing for her health recently after becoming woozy and disorientated.

Fearing she had dementia like her father, Kim has been to the doctors to get a diagnosis... not realising that someone has been putting diazepam in her brandy.

Kim takes it out on Gabby in Emmerdale

Kim's symptoms lead her to believe she had dementia like her father did (Picture: ITV)

However, in a new twist set to air later this month, Kim will work out who the six suspects for the crime are, and set a trap to smoke the culprit out.

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Instead of just confronting those who she believes are guilty, Kim goes about things in her own extravagant and dramatic way by inviting her nearest and dearest to a formal lunch at Home Farm.

Trying to spook whoever is guilty into making a confession, Kim sends out invites to Jamie, Al, Gabby, Jai, Dawn and Will, requesting their presence at a gathering.

Kim encounters a mutinous Al and Jai in Emmerdale

Al is one of the ill-fated guests at Kim's lunch (Picture: ITV)

However, once they are all seated, Kim will start to spin her web by announcing she is retiring and wants to appoint one of them to be her successor.

At this point the bickering between her guests begins... but will Kim's plan work and can she catch out her poisoner?

Claire King, who plays wronged Kim explains: "Kim is throwing out a line and then seeing who will be reeled in by her shock announcement.

"Who wants to succeed her the most? Who will she flush out and expose as her poisoner?

"Once again Kim holds all the cards - it’s now a waiting game."

A shadowy figure wearing gloves spikes Kim's brandy decanter in Emmerdale

Someone has been poisoning Kim for weeks (Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale Story Producer Sophie Roper adds: "Kim’s explosive discovery will send her on a quest for vengeance that will rock the Tate Empire like never before.

"With a traitor in her midst, Kim’s a very dangerous enemy and as the plot to unmask her poisoner thickens, Home Farm will become a hotbed for secrets and lies.

"But as Kim discovers who has committed the ultimate betrayal, will Kim be able to stop them before they stop her?"

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays - see our TV Guide for full listings.