Freddie Fox: There was 'visceral hatred' for my characters in Cucumber and The Riot Club! (VIDEO)

It's been a great year for Freddie Fox. He's starred in Channel 4's comedy drama Cucumber, about the gay scene in Manchester, and critically-acclaimed film The Riot Club. But the actor says people 'hated' him in each project!

"There was visceral hatred for my character in both to be honest," said Freddie after revealing the nominees for this year's BAFTA TV Awards this morning.

"Freddie Baxter from Cucumber is not an all-together lovable man, but he's hopefully an understandable and damaged creature. He's the best character I've ever played, I say that openly!"

Yet Freddie Baxter isn't the only cad the actor has played recently and his character in The Riot Club - a British film based on the exploits of Oxford's notorious Bullingdon Club - was also reviled!

"He was great fun to play," explains Freddie. "Of course it was great fun smashing up restaurants and I also got to do it with my best mates, because me and the rest of the boys in the cast have been friends for so long!"

But will Freddie be repeating those exploits at the BAFTA TV Awards after-show party?

"I can be a quite a loose cannon after a few glasses, but hopefully I'm not going to be splashed all over the papers!"

The BAFTA TV Awards will be shown live on BBC One on Sunday, May 10.

Sean Marland
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