Fubo TV drastically changes its plans for new subscribers

Fubo TV very quietly has performed some pretty major surgery on its plans and pricing . Current subscribers won't yet notice a difference — changing your subscription still shows the regular "Fubo" plan with 83 channels for $44.99 a month, and the "Fubo Extra" plan with 103 channels for $49.99 a month.

But for folks who are signing up anew, things look very different. Here's what you need to know:

Fubo TV plans and pricing

There are now four plans from which to choose. We'll break 'em down for ya:

  • Fubo Standard is "the classic base package." That gets you the same 83 channels, 30 hours of cloud DVR, and the ability to watch two things at once. It costs $54.99 a month.
  • Next is the Family plan. It has the 83 channels and bumps the cloud DVR to 500 hours, and adds the ability to watch on three screens at a time. It costs $59.99 a month.
  • Then there's the Entertainment plan. For $64.99 a month you get the 83 channels, 500 hours of cloud DVR, two simultaneous screens, and throws in Showtime for good measure.
  • And finally there's the new Ultra plan. It bumps you up to the old "Fubo Extra" listings, with all 103 channels. (And it's the only way to get that now.) Plus there's 500 hours of cloud DVR, three screens at once, Showtime, and the Sports Plus add-on. It costs $74.99 a month.

You can still add all the other add-ons you want, like Fubo Cycling and AMC Premiere and FX Plus, but the Ultra plan is now the only way to get the full 103 channels. (It previously would cost just an extra $5 a month.)

That tempers one of the things that made Fubo a bit more special than the bigger players like Sling and PlayStation Vue — 103 channels for $50 a month was pretty darn good. This move brings it more in line with those bigger players, though. And as go the big boys, so goes everyone else.

Also: No word yet on what this means for current subscribers. We appear to be grandfathered in, for now. We've asked Fubo for clarification on that point and will update if and when we get it.

And Fubo TV still has a few things you won't find anywhere else. Loads of sports add-ons is one thing. And streaming sports in 4K resolution is another.

Updated March 28, 2019: Fubo TV has increased the price of its "Fubo Standard" plan.