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Gogglebox viewers left GUTTED as these fan favourites are missing from Friday night's show

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They've become hugely popular...

When Gogglebox viewers tuned in for their weekly dose of hilarious television commentary on Friday night, many were quick to notice that one popular couple were missing from the episode.

Eccentric husband and wife pair Giles and Mary were absent from this week's Gogglebox, and it seems fans were pretty disappointed not to see them!

Many quickly took to social media to question the missing duo, with plenty saying they were gutted about their absence.


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One fan commented, '@C4Gogglebox where were Giles and Mary tonight we missed them they are our favourite couple #Gogglebox'

While another said, 'Where are Giles, Mary and the Siddiqui's? Come on Gogglebox, give the people what they want. #Gogglebox #makeitagoodfriday'

A third fan wrote, 'Where are giles and mary tonight?!?!? Actually fumin #gogglebox', as a fourth also said, 'I miss Mary and Giles, where are Mary and Giles?? 😪 #Gogglebox'

And another commented, '#GOGGLEBOX Where's Giles and Mary tho? @C4Gogglebox'

But luckily, there's no need to panic, as the creator of the show Tania Alexander quickly reassured fans that the their absence was only temporary.

Replying to one fan on Twitter, she explained that the pair were simply on holiday, and would be back next week, writing, 'On hols. Back next week 😘'. Phew!

In the rest of the episode, viewers watched on as the Gogglebox clan shared their thoughts on everything from Line of Duty to Netflix's new David Attenborough documentary, Our Planet.

At one point, fans of the show were also left in hysterics, as star Pete Sandiford flashed his bum on camera, after showing his new 'Kylie pants' to his sister Sophie.

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Pete revealed he was going on a fancy dress night out, and had inspiration from the popular songstress for his outfit.

He confessed, 'You’ll never guess what I’m doing at weekend; going on a pub crawl, fancy dress.

‘The lads are going dressed up as girls, so I thought hang on a minute, why don’t I go as Kylie. Because I’ve got the arse, so I thought why not?'