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Google is giving 'longtime friends of YouTube TV' a Chromecast with Google TV

Chromecast with Google TV
(Image credit: Google)

Google has sent emails to YouTube TV subscribers offering them a free Chromecast with Google TV. That's the latest version of the Chromecast that supports 4K resolution and has a full operating system built in. It's also the first Chromecast to come with a remote control.

It's unknown if the offer is going out to every YouTube TV subscriber — there are more than 3 million of them these days — or just a certain number.

Here's the text of the email I received:

We wanted to say thanks and offer you, a longtime friend of YouTube TV, a new Chromecast with Google TV — on us.

Click the button below to get a new Chromecast with Google TV (a $49.99 value) in the color Snow. Please be sure to claim this gift soon because it’s only available through December 31.

With the new Chromecast, you can level up your YouTube TV experience with features like a homepage that makes YouTube TV recommendations based on shows you like, as well as a voice remote to quickly jump to your favorites.

Thanks for being part of YouTube TV.
The YouTube TV team

The email notes that the deals is "exclusively yours to enjoy and isn't eligible if forwarded."

Chromecast utilizes the "cast" protocol, which makes it easy to stream content from a phone or tablet (or web browser) to a television. This latest model is the first with a full operating system on board. It's technically not Android TV and as yet has not replaced that operating system, but it has access to the same apps and has an updated user interface.

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