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Great British Bake Off fans horrified by this bizarre technical challenge

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(Image credit: © Mark Bourdillon)

The Great British Bake Off fans have got a complaint...

The Great British Bake Off fans have been left baffled after last night's Technical Challenge for Dessert Week.

Instead of spending their Tuesday evening craving cake after watching the bakers whipping up amazing bakes in the tent, fans weren't happy with Prue Leith's odd challenge.

The Bake Off judge wanted the five remaining bakers, Marc, Dave, Laura, Hermine and Peter, to create a Sussex Pond Pudding.

Pond Pudding The Great British Bake Off

Fans weren't impressed by this week's technical challenge set by Prue (Picture: Channel 4) (Image credit: Channel 4)

The 17th Century pudding is made from suet pastry with a butter and sugar centre and steamed for two and a half hours.

But the part that got fans talking was the whole, unpeeled lemon that is found in the centre of the pudding.

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Despite the challenges all going to plan at first, disaster struck when the bakers turned their desserts out onto a plate.

TV tonight The Great British Bake Off

Fans complained about Prue's Pond Pudding challenge on social media (Picture: Channel 4)

Most of the Pond Puddings collapsed and leaked their filling, and when it came to judging, both Prue and Paul looked unimpressed.

The judges decide 

While Prue labelled the challenge 'a complete mess' Paul quipped that it was going to be hard to judge the bakes because they were all so bad.

Eventually Laura came out on top for the bake, but Prue made sure the win didn't go to her head by adding, "I'd like to say it was wonderful, but it wasn't much better than the rest."

But fans weren't happy with the challenge set by Prue, perhaps hoping for something more enticing to be baked for Dessert Week...

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Stunning Showstoppers

The bakers managed to redeem themselves hugely by the Showstopper, creating the most amazing jelly cakes.

The challenge was to create a jelly art dessert, and it was Hermine's Chocolate and Raspberry Mousse Jelly Cake that won her star baker for the second time this series.

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In the end it was sadly lovely Marc who left the tent after his jelly Showstopper failed to impress Prue and Paul.

Next week's semi final will see the four remaining bakers fight it out for a place in the final... but who will make it to the final three?

The Great British Bake Off returns Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 4.