HBO Max's 'Raised by Wolves' has been renewed for a second season

Mother and Tempest in 'Raised by Wolves'
Mother and Tempest in 'Raised by Wolves' (Image credit: Warner Media LLC / Coco Van Oppens)

Looks like Raised by Wolves has been doing well for HBO Max, because Ridley Scott's weird television SciFi experiment has just been renewed for Season 2 on the streaming service. Given that HBO Max reported a 50% growth in its audience in the second week of the series (the episodes are released in batches of 2 an 3), the move makes sense. 

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The series follows two androids tasked with raising human children on a far-away planet. The androids and their children eventually run into a small colony of humans, all of which use their religion to justify the eradication of the faithless androids. Though Ridley Scott hasn't directed an episode since early on in the season, the whole series has a very him vibe. Scott has served as an executive producer for the rest of the series. 

Even if some of Scott's past work hasn't called to you, it's hard to argue that the series is visually stunning. Unique costumes, (our critic even went so far as to give shout outs to the extremely stylistic Tarsem in this week's review) expansive landscapes, and a purely science fiction vibe can be found from start to finish in Raised by Wolves

As of right now, it's unknown when Season 2 will begin planning, let alone filming. Stay tuned for more! 

Amelia Emberwing

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