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Is this the new Harry Potter? All you need to know about new CBBC series Heirs of the Night

Heirs of the Night CBBC
(Image credit: CBBC)

Heirs of the Night is all about vampires!

Heirs of the Night is a new series coming soon to CBBC which shares some similarities with a certain Harry Potter.

Like Harry Potter, an unusual school is at the heart of the story, but instead of teaching wizards this one teaches vampires!

The period drama is based on the bestselling book series Die Urban Der Nacht by Ulrike Schweikert.

Heirs of the Night release date

Heirs of the Night begins on CBBC on Monday 26th October at 5pm.

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What’s the plot?

Well again like Harry Potter the central character has special powers. In this case the main character is 14-year-old Alisa, who is one of the many children attending vampire school. In the opening episode Alisa discovers that she has a special power - she carries a magic light called the “Spark”.

The year is 1898 and a prophecy has warned the remaining vampire clans that they must unite or be wiped out. Each clan was originally created by Dracula and he gave each one a ruby. Every ruby has a special power, like talking to animals and controlling the weather. The clans are spread across Europe but now their heirs are brought together on a sailing ship, The Elisabetha, to attend vampire school.

As well as trying to deal with her unique power, we also see Alisa go through more normal teen troubles like making friends. Alisa is also wondering why she’s been given this unique power and how she should use it?

Who’s in the cast of Heirs of the Night?

British actress Anastasia Martin stars as Alisa.

How many episodes are there?

There are 13 episodes.

Is there a trailer?

Yes. “This is the birth of a new generation… they will be able to share their powers… become stronger than ever,” declares the dramatic and rather scary looking trailer!

Heirs of the Night begins on CBBC on Monday 26th October at 5pm (see our TV Guide for more shows to enjoy).