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Chloe to learn this BOMBSHELL tonight about Evan in Holby City, reveals Amy Lennox

Amy Lennox plays Chloe Goard in Holby City
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Sensing new hubby Evan Crowhurst is hiding something, Chloe Godard sets about uncovering the truth and discovers more than she bargained for this evening in Holby City, reveals Amy Lennox

As Evan Crowhurst fought for his life in Holby City last week after being stabbed by a patient, he asked girlfriend Chloe Godard to marry him – and she said yes!

After he underwent emergency surgery, however, Chloe discovered a woman named 'Sophie' was listed as his next of kin. So, in tonight's episode, a suspicious Chloe makes it her mission to find out who Sophie is – and how she knows Evan.

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Jack Ryder plays Evan Crowhurst in Holby City

Evan (Jack Ryder) wants to keep Chloe (Amy Lennox) on side - but should she trust him?

Chloe's always believed that Evan (Jack Ryder) has only ever acted in her best interests. But when her Holby colleagues Dominic and Cameron suggest Evan's in fact a master manipulator, Chloe goes behind Evan's back and calls the mysterious Sophie, hoping for answers…

"Sophie turns up at the hospital and tells Chloe that Evan's not who she thinks he is and that he's bad news," reveals Amy Lennox, who plays Chloe.

"As far as Chloe's concerned, Evan's been nothing but supportive and has accepted her despite her terrible flaws, so Chloe thinks Sophie must be lying. But the woman certainly plants a major seed of doubt in Chloe’s mind."

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Sophie Holby City

Chloe's stunned tonight as Sophie reveals a major bombshell about Evan...

Right at that moment, however, Evan walks in, sees the pair talking and demands to know what's going on. That's when Sophie makes her excuses… and a hasty exit!

"Chloe notices an intensely uncomfortable energy between them," explains Amy. "Sophie’s clearly frightened of Evan, who’s quite threatening towards her, which raises alarm bells for Chloe."

Evan tells Chloe that Sophie's an obsessive ex-girlfriend from three years ago, who stalked him when he ended the relationship. But Chloe doesn't believe him…

"Later, Chloe meets again with Sophie, who produces a photo of her, Evan… and their young son!" says Amy. "Viewers have known for a while that Evan’s trouble but, here, Chloe finally sees the light."

Chloe confronts Evan with what she knows – but has she made a big mistake?

"Knowing he’s losing control of Chloe, Evan begins to ramp up his campaign of abuse," reveals Amy. "Let’s just say, Chloe's in for a rough ride over the next few months."

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.

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