Holby City legend John Michie on Guy's HUGE comeback

Holby Guy Self returns
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Confident neurosurgeon Guy Self looks set to ruffle a few feathers when he returns to Holby on Tuesday April 7th, as John Michie reveals…

After leaving in 2016, Holby City actor John Michie has since returned to the show twice.

Here Holby City legend John, 63, explains what brings his oily consultant Guy Self back for a third time and how his new money making scheme could crash around him…

Welcome back John! What’s it been like returning to Holby?

"Honestly, Holby is one of the nicest places I’ve ever worked. It's so laid back and easy going and everyone is so nice. I love it. It doesn’t feel like a new job ever and it’s always like I’ve never been away. So I just slipped straight back into playing Guy."

What do you most enjoy about playing him?

"I love his arrogance, his sense of humour and his charm. Guy can turn on the charm at any point. That's one of the things he's best at. That's what has got him through lots of situations and into a lot of difficult situations, too. Guy is very good at surgery – but he’s not very good at life!"

Indeed, Guy last left Holby to get therapy for his alcoholism. Is he in a good place right now?

"Guy is trying to get on top of his demons but, of course, there’s always the chance of a relapse. When he came back to save Jac’s life in 2018, deep down, things were still not right. But because Guy’s so ambitious and got this massive ego, he’ll never be quite right, which makes him an interesting character."

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When Guy returns to Holby City, he’s at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting… and acting CEO Max McGerry (Jo Martin) is there, too!

"Guy can really relate to what Max is going through. He understands the stresses and strains of being a hospital CEO and now Max is in exactly the position he was of being someone at the top of their game with an underlying problem… booze. They’ve got a lot in common."

Holby City Max McGerry

Tempted to fall off the wagon, Max (Jo Martin) attends an AA meeting... and there's Guy!

In the coming weeks, Max offers Guy a job at Holby. Is it one he readily accepts?

"Oh yeah, Guy desperately NEEDS a job. He needs to get his life back on track so, more than anything, he needs to work. However, typical Guy, he’s also trying to introduce a private company to the hospital. So he’s trying to make money and spinning too many plates. Ultimately, you know one of them is gonna fall and smash."

So Guy’s not exactly a changed man then?

"Guy’s trying to slide back up the greasy pole and he needs a strong person to hold his hand while he’s doing it. There’s one person in life Guy really cares about. He’s Self by name, selfish by nature."

What response do you get from fans to the character?

"Guy is a Marmite character. People either love or hate him, which is great. You don’t want anything down the middle, that would be boring. Let’s just hope the audience don’t hate me too much. As long as they love to hate me, that’s fine!"

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.

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