Holby City's Nic Jackman: 'Cameron gets enjoyment out of playing God!'

Nic Jackman plays Cameron Dunn in Holby

When he fails to impress a hotshot new medic, it looks like Cameron's dark side could finally be exposed, as Nic Jackman reveals…

Holby City doctor, Cameron Dunn, has always wanted to prove he's top dog on AAU. But, in recent months, his actions have taken a sinister turn as he's now putting patients' lives at risk in his determination to get noticed!

This week, Cameron's particularly keen to shine when charismatic locum consultant Andrew 'Drew' Nicholson-Heath turns up on the ward.

But it seems Cameron's efforts soon backfire... as Nic Jackman, who plays him, explains...

In recent weeks, Cameron has stepped up his sinister campaign to 'play God' to get noticed. Why is he so desperate to prove himself?

"Cameron's developed this sense that he's pushed aside quite a lot – despite not being the best doctor, he aspires to gain recognition without actually deserving it. It’s this thirst for praise and acknowledgement that has taken Cameron into this dark and dangerous territory where he’s now putting patients at risk to make himself the hero. He’s definitely getting some enjoyment out of playing God."

Dancing on Ice judge John Barrowman guests this week as locum doctor Andrew 'Drew' Nicholson-Heath. What does Cameron make of him?

"Cameron is instantly wooed by Drew. He knows this man is an impressive doctor and he discovers he's a headhunter – his nickname is The Poacher – which really triggers Cameron’s interest. So, as the day begins, Cameron’s all out to impress. But, being the average doctor he is, things don’t go his way…"

Holby City Cameron meets Drew

Ambitious Cameron (Nic Jackman) is thrilled to meet headhunter Drew Nicholson-Heath (John Barrowman)... (Picture: BBC)

Why? What happens?

"Drew is observing on AAU when Cameron makes a smart diagnosis but he needs a CT consult to confirm it. Nicky McKendrick (Belinda Owusu) shows up, makes a different diagnosis – and she’s the one who gets to assist in theatre, which irritates Cameron. Nicky’s a brilliant doctor and does a great job. However, when Cameron’s alone with the patient, he tampers with the stitches Nicky’s put in, causing a chest drain to come loose. And he makes sure Drew hears all about her ‘mistake’…"

Holby Cameron Nicky

As they talk, Cameron puts Nicky's (Belinda Owusu) 'mistake' down to stress. If only she knew... (Picture: BBC)

Cameron’s plan backfires, though, when it appears Drew is STILL more interested in Nicky…

"Cameron discovers Drew wanted Nicky to go for this high-paying job in a hospital in the Middle East. But when Drew reveals Nicky’s already turned it down, Cameron puts himself forward for it – and Drew rejects him! Devastated, Cameron finds Drew’s rather fancy car in the car park and, shall we say, takes his frustration out on it!"

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What was it like working with John Barrowman?

"I really enjoying working with John – he's great fun and brings a fabulous energy to the set. I can confirm there was some singing in between takes. He tried to get me to join him in a duet but I refused. I am NOT a singer!"

John Barrowman - Drew in Holby City

After rejecting him for a high-flying job in Dubai, has Drew got the measure of twisted Cameron?

Drew’s one of the few people who seems to notice Cameron has a dark side. Is he ever going to get his comeuppance?

"I don’t think Cameron ever intended to become this terrible person but he started down this dark path and now he's just gone too far down it. I have a feeling we will have to see Cameron get his comeuppance at some stage. Does Cameron get worse? All I’ll say is, I don't think he gets any better."

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.

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