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HORROR in Emmerdale as THIS main character is left for DEAD tonight

(Image credit: ITV)

Things aren't going to plan for DI Malone...

Tonight's Emmerdale will see DI Malone end up in a whole heap of trouble after his murder plot against Dawn Taylor goes drastically wrong.

Emmerdale fans watched corrupt Malone targeting Dawn on Friday's episode of the soap after news of his affair with Harriet Finch got out.

Emmerdale, Harriet Finch, Dawn Taylor

Dawn was fuming when she found out about Harriet's affair with Malone (Picture: ITV) (Image credit: ITV)

While Will Taylor is still in the dark about his fiancee doing the dirty with the policeman who has made his life a living hell, his daughter, Dawn, knows everything.

Dawn takes on Malone 

But while Dawn tried to warn Malone away by going to the police and making a statement about him being corrupt, it soon became clear she's made a grave mistake.

Not realising exactly what Malone was capable of, Dawn was shocked when he started threatening her son, Lucas.

At the end of Friday's episode viewers watched in horror as Malone lead Dawn into her house, clearly intent on doing her harm.

Malone intimidates Dawn in Emmerdale

Malone tries to get Dawn to take her own life tonight (Picture: ITV)

Tonight's episode (7pm - see our TV Guide for full listings) will see the action pick up straight from where Friday's episode ended.

Malone's got murder in mind...

Malone tells Dawn that her testimony against him didn't work, and quickly hits her where it hurts by offering her a wrap of heroin and a syringe.

Malone intimidates Dawn in Emmerdale

Malone's got a murder plan in mind... but there's a twist (Picture: ITV)

Knowing that Dawn is a recovering drug addict, Malone's sickening actions take an even more sinister turn when he then threatens her with a gun and tells her to take the drug.

Dawn breaks down in tears when Malone bullies her to take her own life by overdosing, but before she can do anything, someone comes to her rescue.

Tonight's Emmerdale will reveal who Dawn's knight in shining armour is, but there is plenty more drama to come.

Malone intimidates Dawn in Emmerdale

Someone saves Dawn, but Malone won't get off so lightly (Picture: ITV)

As Dawn is saved, Malone's lifeless boys will be left sprawled on the floor. But who attacked him? And is he dead?

Emmerdale will temporarily air a reduced schedule of three episodes a week.

Watch on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7pm on ITV.