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Robert Glenister as disgruntled cabbie Tony in psychological thriller The Night Caller
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A lonely taxi driver strikes up an obsessive friendship with a radio DJ in this claustrophobic four-part thriller. A heart-stopping tale of alienation, The Night Caller boasts an incredible cast, including Robert Glenister (Spooks), Sean Pertwee (Pennyworth), and Suzanne Packer (The Pembrokeshire Murders), and we explain below how to watch The Night Caller online from anywhere.

In the UK, viewers can watch The Night Caller online FREE on My5 from Sunday, July 7. And, even if you’re currently out of the country, you could watch The Night Caller on My5 from anywhere with a VPN.

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The Night Caller finds cab driver Tony (Glenister) in freefall after the collapse of his job and marriage. Dejected and alone, Tony finds comfort in the "world view" espoused by late-night Radio DJ Lawrence (Pertwee) and is soon a regular caller. He's elated by their growing on-air camaraderie. But when their paths collide in real life, Tony's obsession mutates as he discovers that Lawrence is nothing like his radio personality.

Described as a "claustrophobic tale about the power of influence those with the loudest voice have over the most vulnerable people,” The Night Caller is an nail-biting thriller, one that brilliantly channels the intensity of Hollywood films such as Taxi Driver (1976), Play Misty for Me (1971), and Falling Down (1993).

Does this gripping miniseries sounds like the show for you? Then read our viewing guide below. You’ll find everything you need to know about how to watch The Night Caller online, on My5 and from anywhere now.

How to watch The Night Caller online in the UK for free

Nocturnal drama The Night Caller debuts on Sunday, July 7 at 9 pm UK on Channel 5. There are four episodes in total, with a new instalment airing daily at the same time up and including the finale on Wednesday, July 10.

If you don’t have linear TV or miss the initial broadcast, you can live stream The Night Caller and watch episodes on My5, live or on-demand shortly after their Channel 5 debut. My5 is ad-supported and 100% free to use. It takes mere minutes to create an account, too, but you do need a valid TV license to use the service.

See below for our full episode release date and time schedule.

How to watch The Night Caller online in the US

US viewers can watch The Night Caller online and stream all four episodes now on Acorn, with the series landing on the streaming service back in May. Membership costs $7.99 per month – but there is a 7-day free trial if this is your first time subscribing.

Currently out of the country? Download a VPN as described below to watch The Night Caller on your usual streaming service (i.e. My5 in the UK), just like you would back home.

Can I watch The Night Caller online in Australia?

Unfortunately The Night Caller hasn’t been penciled in for an Australian release just yet. The Acorn streaming service is also available in Australia and includes a number of hit UK dramas, so it’s possible it will be added to that service’s content library in the near future.

A UK citizen away from home? You can still watch the show on My5 from anywhere in the world with a VPN, as we explain just below.

How to watch The Night Caller online from anywhere with a VPN

If you're going to be away from your normal TV setup but still want to watch The Night Caller, you might run into some problems. Thankfully, you can solve this exact issue with a Virtual Private Network (VPN). 

A VPN lets you change your IP address to that of the area of what you want to watch, meaning you can tune in to your favorite shows, sports or other content even if you're not there. Our favorite is NordVPN, which is the No. 1-rated VPN in the world right now according to our sister site, TechRadar.


NordVPN is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to watch what you want, from wherever you want to watch it.

It's straightforward and easy to use, has great security, is available on loads of streaming devices and, best of all, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it out 100% risk-free. Give it a go.

How to use a VPN to watch any stream

  • Download the app at NordVPN
  • Choose the location of the streaming service you want to watch (UK, US, etc)
  • Navigate to the streaming service and start watching!

What is The Night Caller episode schedule?

The Robert Glenister-starring miniseries comprises four episodes in total. It will debut on Sunday, July 6, and following episodes will air daily in the same time slot until Wednesday.

  • Episode 1: Sunday, July 7 at 9 pm UK
  • Episode 2: Monday, July 8 at 9 pm UK
  • Episode 3: Tuesday, July 9 at 9 pm UK
  • Episode 4: Wednesday, July 10 at 9 pm UK

Watch The Night Caller trailer

Get a preview of Robert Glenister and Sean Pertwee in upcoming thriller The Night Caller.

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What channel is The Night Caller on?

The Night Caller will broadcast live on Channel 5 from Sunday, July 6 and be available to stream through the My5 website.

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