8 HUGE Neighbours spoilers revealed for Christmas and New Year

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Police called as extra flips out on Neighbours set

Neighbours will be making history this year by being shown on Christmas Day for the first time - and here's all the drama you can expect on Ramsay Street.

For the first time ever Neighbours fans won't have to wait to get their Erinsborough fix over Christmas, because the Aussie soap is being aired all over Christmas and New Year.

And in true Neighbours style there is going to be plenty of drama hitting our screens over the festive season, leaving fans forgetting their turkey dinners and tuning into Channel Five on Christmas Day instead.


Neighbours has finally revealed what we can expect from your favourite Ramsay Street residents this Christmas in an exciting new trailer, so here is what will be happening...

1. Paul turns killer? 

The Neighbours festive trailer sees Paul terrified that he has killed someone, and even shows him digging something that looks suspiciously like a grave in the dead of night. But who does he think he might have bumped off? And what could have caused him to lash out so violently that he thinks he's a murderer?

Paul Robinson in Neighbours

Paul Robinson is set for a tough Christmas in Neighbours

2. Fresh trouble for Ramsay Street 

Newcomer Delaney Renshaw, who is part of the Renshaw crime family who have been connected to Leo in the past, is set to cause shockwaves around Erinsborough over Christmas as she sets her sights firstly on Leo, and then Paul.

Paul desperately tries to get rid of the troublemaker by plying her with gifts, but she isn't about to leave quietly. Confronting Paul about his attempts to butter her up, she then drops a bombshell that will turn his life upside down.

3. Trouble for Leo and Terese 

New Year will bring drama for Leo when newcomer Delaney starts to threaten him, leaving him fearing for his life. Knowing that she is part of a very dangerous family, Leo has no choice but to end his romance with Terese, and start dating Delaney instead like she demands... but heartbroken Terese has no idea the pressure Leo is under. Will she work out the truth?

Neighbours, Paul Robinson, Terese Willis, Leo Tanaka

Are things over for Leo and Terese already?

4. Liz Conway is back with more drama

Actress Debra Lawrence, who is better known as Susan's sister Liz, is back in Ramsay Street to cause more trouble for Christmas. It won't be a surprise to know she isn't going to be welcomed with open arms by her daughters Elly and Bea... and expect fireworks when Liz discovers what Bea really thinks about her estranged mum.

5. Jim Robinson returns 

There has been plenty of speculation about Jim's dramatic return to the soap 25 years after he was killed off... with actor Alan Dale even hinting at his comeback on social media. But the storyline surrounding his arrival has been kept well under wraps.

Considering he has been dead for a long time, it seems Jim will be returning as a ghost - and actor Alan Dale has recently opened up about why he has come back to the soap after saying he would never return.

The actor told Aussie magazine  TV Week: "I did say I was never going to return, because I was dead! I don't want to ruin the story - you'll have two wait and see. But I just wanted to finish the circle."

Could Jim be back to visit son Paul Robinson? Considering the tough time he's going through at the moment, he certainly could do with some fatherly guidance.

Gregory Pace/REX/Shutterstock

Alan Dale is returning to Ramsay Street as legendary Jim Robinson

6. Fan favourite is set to die

There's tragedy heading for Ramsay Street this Christmas after the soap has revealed that one of the show's most popular characters is set to meet a grisly end. Neighbours shared the sad news with fans on its official Facebook page - leaving everyone guessing who it could be that is facing a bleak Christmas.

Could it be Sonya who meets her maker thanks to evil Nanny Alice's vendetta against her? Or will it be Susan getting killed off by Finn Kelly in a terrifying revenge plan? Or someone else entirely?

7. Chloe reveals her true feelings 

Chloe has been harbouring secret feelings for her brother's girlfriend Elly for weeks, but the truth is about to be revealed when a Christmas card that she has confessed everything in is found by Liz. Elly's mum confronts Chloe, telling her to back off. But will Chloe listen to her words of warning?

8. Finn Kelly's brother arrives

Susan Kennedy is in for a shock when she gets a visit from Finn's younger half brother, Shaun. As he reveals Finn's heartbreaking past, Finn's evil behaviour starts to make sense... but what does Shaun reveal? And what will this mean for Susan?

Neighbours airs on Christmas Day at 10.15am and 6.05pm on Channel 5

Picture credits: Channel 5, Alan Dale: Gregory Pace/REX/Shutterstock

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