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'It's A Sin' Season 2 isn't happening - here's why

Olly Alexander in It's A Sin
It's A Sin season 2 isn't in the works, according to series creator Russell T Davies. (Image credit: Channel 4)

Fans hoping for It's a Sin season 2 will be disappointed to learn that the show won't be getting a second season.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the show’s creator Russell T Davies explained exactly why It's a Sin season 2 isn't on the cards.

He appeared as a guest on THR’s TV’s Top 5 Podcast, where he stated quite plainly that “there isn't a second season. It was lovely. It said everything I wanted to say. The only long-running thing I’ve ever done is Doctor Who and that’s because Doctor Who is designed to be long-running.”

He also added that a channel controller had initially argued “we could run this for years” but explained that It’s a Sin “was always a one-off for me.” 

Davies went on to explain “I don't know how I follow something like It's a Sin.” As for what’s next, he said: “I think I’m just going to write something funny. I look at my career and I’m a bit puzzled on when I became such a tragedian, when I’m a really big laugh actually.”

He also said that’s he’s taken on a role as a mentor to other writers, and, according to Davies, both of the shows he’s read scripts for have now been picked up. Sadly, he didn’t give any other details about either show!

It’s a Sin was a massive hit for Channel 4 when it first launched in the UK. Its launch helped make January 2021 the biggest-ever month for British broadcaster Channel 4’s streaming service, All 4. Over 6.5 million people watched the box set in the first month alone.

The series stars Olly Alexander, Callum Scott Howells, Omari Douglas and Lydia West, and follows a group of young adults throughout the 1980s. The residents of the Pink Palace might be fun-loving, endless optimists, but they're put through hell across five episodes as their lives become more and more affected by the AIDS epidemic.

The show is currently available to watch on All4 in the UK. US viewers finally got the chance to watch the hit drama when it landed on HBO Max on February 18, 2021. In our review of It's a Sin, Emma Fraser called the show a "television masterpiece."