Jude Law Will Play Captain Hook in Disney's Live-Action Peter Pan and Wendy

Jude Law
(Image credit: Getty Images)

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Jude Law will be taking on the roll of Captain Hook in Disney's live-action remake of the popular animated classic Peter Pan. Just in case you felt like you'd missed something in what feels like a never-ending news cycle: you didn't! The announcement of the film, currently known as Peter Pan and Wendy came in tandem with this casting news.

While the internet remains relatively burnt out on these live-action remakes, Disney has seen box office success with the films. General and family audiences even resulted in their last two ( The Lion King and Aladdin each raking in over a billion dollars a piece).

Some may even say that the same burnout mentality can be applied to live-action Peter Pan remakes in general. Films like Hook , Finding Neverland , Peter Pan (2003) , Pan and more have hit the big screen over the last few decades, but many feature their own unique telling of the original Lost Boy's story. Heck, we practically get a new Robin Hood movie every two years. So, who's to say Disney won't bring it with their new Peter Pan?

Though very little is known about this new film outside of Law's casting, Disney did note that it'll be directed by David Lowery. For those who may not remember, Lowery directed what has been the best live-action Disney adaptation to date: Pete's Dragon (2016) . That means that while we may not have a ton of information, there's already a lot to be excited about with this new remake. Jude Law's a solid actor, and David Lowery has proven he's got the capacity to tell a story of youth and earnest heart.

Amelia Emberwing

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