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Kat Slater hatches this CRAZY plan to 'help' Stacey tonight in EastEnders

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What on earth is Kat thinking?

Kat Slater is so worried about how anxious Stacey is over Jean that she takes the reckless step of trying to get hold of Jean’s cancer test results in this evening’s EastEnders.

Stacey has been in bits after finding out that Jean (played by Gillian Wright) may have cancer, so Kat hits on the dangerous idea of passing herself off as Jean at the surgery!

EastEnders Kat Moon and Martin Fowler

Kat and Martin are at the clinic. But Kat's bonkers plan soon goes wrong in this evening's EastEnders...

She brings Martin (James Bye) along with her for good luck, but not surprisingly she fails to hoodwink the staff, who promptly boot the pair out. They’re probably lucky they didn’t call the police!

Kat can't believer her plan hasn't worked and is crestfallen.

Clever Martin, though, reveals to Kat (Jessie Wallace) later that he managed to take a peak at the file and wrote the notes down. But, he doesn’t know what the results means. So, he asks Sonia for her medical help - what will she say?

EastEnders Stacey Fowler and Jean Slater

Stacey is hugely worried about Jean

Plus, what on earth will happen if Jean ever finds out that Kat tried to pass herself off as her to get her test results?!

Meanwhile, also tonight in EastEnders, Mel gets more bad news when she opens a letter about Hunter’s plea hearing and learns about the huge costs. She then hatches a cunning plan… Plus Whitney is worried about Tiff and tries to get her to open. However, Tiff knocks back her efforts....

EastEnders is on BBC1 tonight at 7.30pm.