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Lionsgate pulls 'Antebellum' from its release calendar

Janelle Monáe looks on in the club in Antebellum
(Image credit: Lionsgate)

It's rare that a movie comes out with a trailer before the rest of the film world has a general idea of its existence. There's always some sort of option announcement, casting news, etc. that comes along with making a feature film. Because of that, critics, journalists, and the rest of our ilk are rarely surprised by the existence of a film. 

Enter Antebellum. When the first trailer released back in November of last year, twitter was abuzz. There was this fresh, unique, exciting story that none of us had even heard a whisper of! That's before you even take into consideration that the film would star Janelle Monáe! It was an exciting time.

Unfortunately, the film was originally slated to hit theaters August 21st. As many of you may have noticed, North America isn't quite open for business just yet. In response, Lionsgate has pulled Antebellum from its release calendar for the time being. 

While this is disappointing news, it's good to know that the movie won't be pushed straight to streaming. Surprises are rare, as are unique films in our tentpole driven world. I'd like to see this one get the theatrical run it deserves. 

Because we can, let's just all watch this trailer while we wait. 

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