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Long Lost Family new series – start date revealed!

Nicky Campbell and Davina McCall in a Long Lost Family Special: Born Without Trace
(Image credit: Wall to Wall)

Davina and Nicky will be back in early June

Long Lost Family will return for a new series on Monday 10th June at 9pm on ITV, the broadcaster has announced.

Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell will once again front the hugely popular series which sees the pair trying to reunite close relatives after years of being apart.

Earlier this year, ITV screened a feature length version, Long Lost Family Special: Born Without Trace, which saw people abandoned as babies learning about their lost parentage. There was also a festive special last Christmas called Long Lost Family Christmas Reunion. And there's also been follow-up shows, Long Lost Family: What Happened Next, where the presenters revisit past families.

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Now, the show, which started in 2011, is returning for its ninth series.

Talking about how emotional the series makes them, Davina said: “I’m usually in tears reading their stories, but by the time I get to the contributor I’ve done my crying and I can just be straight. Then I watch it at home so I can silently weep and text Nicky telling him how much I’m weeping.”

Nicky added: “On the American version they show the presenters crying but no matter how emotionally we react, it’s on the cutting floor, because it’s not about us.”

Long Lost Family will return for a new series on Monday 10 June at 9pm on ITV.