Loose Women provokes massive backlash with rape victim survey

Loose Women have faced a backlash after running a poll asking whether it is 'ever a woman’s fault if she is raped'.

The vote, posed by panellists Ruth Langsford, June Sarpong, Nadia Sawalha and Janet Street-Porter, came in today’s episode of the ITV talk show, which has returned from its summer break.

It followed comments made by Pretenders singer Chrissie Hynde, who told the Sunday Times that victims have to 'take responsibility'.

POLL: After Pretenders singer Chrissie Hynde's comments- we're asking is it ever a woman's fault if she is raped? http://t.co/raAGqzKpYH

— Loose Women (@loosewomen) September 1, 2015


The viewers’ poll was an overwhelming 88 per cent for no, with only 12 per cent voting yes, and was criticised by viewers as well as help centre Rape Crisis.

@msjenniferjames @loosewomen We are horrified. If Loose Women would like to discuss how they are perpetuating rape myths we'd be happy to.

— Rape Crisis (@PRCCG_) September 1, 2015


Loose Women have today polled the nation on whether rape is ever a woman's fault. We cannot support such mindless victim blaming.

— Rape Crisis (@PRCCG_) September 1, 2015


To clarify our position – the reality – rape is NEVER a woman's fault. Rape is the fault of the rapist, no matter the situation.

— Rape Crisis (@PRCCG_) September 1, 2015


We are extremely angry & hurt by @loosewomen & hope they will say sorry & educate viewers because such polls are HARMFUL TO WOMEN.

— Rape Crisis (@PRCCG_) September 1, 2015


Viewers took to Twitter to express their anger at the show, calling it 'unacceptable' and 'dangerous'.

I mean, that Loose Women poll is a more disastrous attempt to engage with the public than Andy Burnham's leadership campaign.

— Ellie Mae O'Hagan (@MissEllieMae) September 1, 2015


People make me sick. @loosewomen are asking if it's ever the rape victims fault? That's not even a question, that's just offensive and awful

— Mrs TeePot (@MrsTeepot) September 1, 2015


Instead of teaching girls not to drink or dress how they wish why don't we teach men not to rape #loosewomen @loosewomen

— Amy Bredin (@aymeebredin) September 1, 2015


Dear @loose women it is NEVER ok to ASK if a woman is at fault for rape. Only the rapists are responsible for raping, period.

— Nicola Mitchell (@mitchellnicola) September 1, 2015


I'm really glad Loose Women is back on telly because I haven't had anything to putridly despise all summer, and I've missed that

— Hannah Louise (@hannahlouisef) September 1, 2015


Is it ever a Loose Women producer's fault if they're fired? (Spoiler: yes, now.) https://t.co/Nk5sUz7CVk

— Rhys James (@rhysjamesy) September 1, 2015


Is it ever acceptable to watch Loose Women? RT for no, Fav for no.

— Rick Burin (@rickburin) September 1, 2015


Second time in less than a year that Loose Women has been caught up promoting victim-blaming, this is why I don't watch nor like the show

— Shehnaz Khan (@shehnazkhan) September 1, 2015


"The Jews: We're they asking for it? Tomorrow on Loose Women!"

— Andy Is Undead (@andyecono) September 1, 2015


Loose Women is such an awful television show

— Emma (@EmmaHopkinss) September 1, 2015


Tomorrow on Loose Women we ask the question: black people. What are they for?

— Jary (@JaryFoulFantasy) September 1, 2015


Can we ban loose women… i really think that show is far worse than Top Gear.

— ❤ Chloe (@IAmTheDazzler) September 1, 2015


I hope Loose Women will apologise for their highly insensitive poll this morning. Rapists are the only cause of rape. #stopvictimblaming

— Sophie Donnelly (@SophieD92) September 1, 2015


I see Loose Women have stooped to an all time low today. Hope they're all riddled with shame.

— Louise Whitehead (@LouWhiteheadPA) September 1, 2015


@DebsReid_ I'm actually in shock!! Loose Women needs to be cancelled ASAP!

— Helen Hirst (@helenhirst92) September 1, 2015


In case Loose Women needed an answer, no, it is never the woman's fault if they are raped, NO MATTER WHAT.

— Jennifer Reynolds (@Desdemoanbag) September 1, 2015


Viewer Grace Richards, from Wallingham, has even set up a campaign on Change.org, asking ITV to 'cancel Loose Women for their continued sexism and victim blaming'.

Dear @ITV, CANCEL. LOOSE. WOMEN. https://t.co/Y9BtPaJ696

— Grace (@staywithgrace) September 1, 2015


A spokeswoman for ITV’s Loose Women said: “Loose Women is a daily talk show centred around topical debate, and this online poll and the discussion on today’s Loose Women panel was directly linked to a recent news story.”


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