Loose Women’s Carol Vorderman not counting on acting career

Carol Vorderman has revealed how much she enjoyed her cameo in BBC2 satire W1A, but doesn't think she'll be doing more acting any time soon.

The Loose Women star made a cameo in the BBC mockumentary, along with Claire Balding. W1A is the follow-up to Twenty Twelve , the comedy about organising the London Olympics, and sees Hugh Bonneville's character Ian Fletcher now working for the BBC.

In the show Carol and Claire are accidentally both offered the job presenting new flagship show Britain's Tastiest Village.

Carol revealed: “Well, I can't act to save my life, so I just did as I was told and said the lines and I really enjoyed it.

"It was very funny - proper, proper funny."

But the former Countdown presenter insisted she hadn't been bitten by the acting bug.

She laughed: "No, I'd starve if I relied on acting."

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