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Marcus Griffiths: 'Holby City turns spy thriller like The Bourne Identity!'

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As he prepares to face a disciplinary, Holby registrar Xavier 'Zav' Duval hunts for evidence to bring his nemesis Cameron down, as Marcus Griffiths reveals…

Holby City registrar Xavier 'Zav' Duval has long suspected that junior medic Cameron Dunn isn't the golden boy he likes to think he is. But following his suspension from the hospital, Zav steps up his campaign this week to expose Cameron as a fraud... leading to a dramatic showdown between the men.

After assaulting Cameron (Nic Jackman) in theatre, Zav now faces a disciplinary hearing to determine his future at Holby. But Zav decides that if he's going down, Cameron's going down with him. So, to strengthen his case, Zav secretly digs for dirt on his rival…

Xavier suspicious Cameron

Xavier (Marcus Griffiths) is determined to expose Cameron (Nic Jackman) - and clear his name...

"Zav feels he’s got nothing to lose," says Marcus Griffiths, who plays him. "He’s been suspended, he’s facing possibly having his medical licence revoked, he’s split from Donna and everything’s crumbling. So he goes for broke, puts on his Sherlock Holmes hat and tries to uncover the secrets he’s sure Cameron’s burying."

Convinced Cameron knows how Chloe’s rapist husband Evan Crowhurst really died, Zav hacks into Evan’s patient records, which make for interesting reading. Zav then asks a friend in security, who owes him a favour, to download footage from ITU from the day Evan died – and he’s stunned by what it reveals…

"Zav goes behind enemy lines and goes all out to bring Cameron down," reveals Marcus. "Holby City turns spy thriller like The Bourne Identity!"

Later, Zav’s frustrated when Ric reveals the hearing has been postponed. Zav tells Ric it must go ahead today... he has NEW evidence! But Ric refuses to listen.

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Meanwhile, Cameron’s uncovered Zav’s plotting and texts him to meet in the hospital basement. As the pair reach a stand off, Zav warns Cameron he now has evidence that proves he left Evan to die – and he’s taking it to police! How far will Cameron go to keep his secret safe?

Xavier Cameron Holby City

Will Xavier finally be able to expose Cameron as a fraud?

"Cameron reaches a whole new level of deception," says Marcus. "Through calculated plans and sheer luck, he manages to orchestrate Zav’s downfall."

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.

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