Millie Bobby Brown to star, produce in Netflix adaptation of 'The Girls I've Been'

Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown of "Stranger Things" fame will star and produce the Netflix adaptation of the upcoming novel "The Girls I've Been." (Image credit: Getty Images)

Netflix has announced that Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things) will star and serve as a producer on its adaptation of the upcoming Tess Sharpe novel The Girls I've Been.

The adaptation is part of a larger overall deal with Aggregate Films. 

The gist of The Girls I've Been is that con artist Nora has to use her powers of persuasion to free herself, her girlfriend and her ex-boyfriend during a hostage situation at a bank.

And ... that's all we know for now. The book isn't even out yet, but it'll be published by Penguin Random House in early 2021.

Meanwhile, Millie Bobby Brown (who has one of those names you're required to repeat in full because it's that cool) is currently developing A Time Lost, which is based on a story by herself and her sister, Paige Brown. Her next project is Enola Holmes, in which she's starring and producing alongside her sister. I'll be released on Netflix later this year.

Jason Bateman and Michael Costigan also are producers on The Girls I've Been.

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