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Real Marigold Hotel star Miriam Margolyes is 'praying Donald Trump doesn’t become US President'

(Image credit: BBC/Vinod Singh/Twofour)

Miriam Margolyes talks about her recent experiences filming in the US and explains why she's desperate Donald Trump doesn't become US President...

Harry Potter star Miriam is horrified what might happen if Donald Trump actually wins the presidential election in the US tonight.

"I'm praying with every ounce of my soul that Donald Trump loses and Hillary Clinton becomes President,” she said. “He's awful and I'm very, very frightened that someone such as him could ever become President. I don’t know what to say about America, but it’s taken a wrong turn if it goes with Trump.”

Miriam recently filmed a two-part Real Marigold Hotel special, visiting Japan and Florida with fellow celebrities Wayne Sleep, Bobby George and Rosemary Shrager. In Florida, they all spent time special living in a 'gated' community of 8,000 pensioners near Ocala, north of Orlando.

Miriam said she came across so many Trump supporters there it’s left her very worried.

"Many of the pensioners I met in Florida were lovely, but they were mostly Trump supporters which I found depressing, and I got in quite a few arguments over Mr Trump and his ways. There's one delicious argument I have on camera which British viewers I'm sure will enjoy when they see the documentary."

But Miriam also saw a glimmer of hope.

"I very much enjoyed going to a small meeting of the Democrats there on my last night, because everybody had seemed to be Republican supporters except this tiny group of Democrats, only about 30 of them in a community of 8,000. It was lovely to meet other people and realise there were some who thought like me. I wasn’t completely isolated."

*Miriam can be seen in the two-part Real Marigold Hotel special to be shown on BBC2 very soon