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Morven Christie rules out making second series of The Replacement

The Replacement
(Image credit: BBC/Left Bank)

Morven Christie has said The Replacement was 'definitely a one-off'

Morven Christie has ruled out making a second series of The Replacement.

The A Word actress was involved in one of the most talked about shows of the year in March when she starred in the tense three-part thriller, playing pregnant architect Ellen, whose life was torn apart by her maternity cover Paula (Vicky McClure).

Fans are eager for more, but sadly Morven has said it won't be coming back: "It was definitely a one-off," she said. "Where would that go now?! I can't imagine!"

Morven, though, was delighted by the fab reaction the drama got. "It was great, and it made people think, "What is going to happen next?" At times you thought, "which of them is more troubled?" because Ellen was right about Paula but she didn't necessarily do the right things."

Meanwhile, Grantchester viewers also want to know about its future. The third series of the 1950s set drama ended in May with Morven's character Amanda and vicar Sidney (James Norton) splitting up after he chose the church over her. But is a fourth series possible?

Grantchester Sidney and Amanda

"It would be difficult because I don't know what they'd do with Amanda," said Morven. "Viewers like to rip into Amanda as she gets to kiss the leading man, so they think, "Kill her!" I find that funny!'

The A Word continues tomorrow on BBC1 at 9.00pm