MoviePass returns! Relaunched movie subscription service coming Summer 2022

MoviePass app
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Remember MoviePass? The moviegoing subscription service that made waves in 2017/2018 is coming back, and potentially in time for users to see new movies coming out this summer, like Nope, Thor: Love and Thunder and more. 

MoviePass had been around since 2011 but became a sensation when it launched a $10 per month plan in 2017 that allowed users to see one film per day. It seemed too good to be true and, eventually, it was. MoviePass faced a number of issues that ultimately led to it reworking its policies (adding surge pricing and some blackout times) and a large number of subscribers leaving the service. It ultimately shut down in 2019. But that won't be the final chapter in its story.

On Thursday, Feb. 10, original MoviePass co-founder and CEO Stacy Spikes held a live-streamed event that revealed MoviePass 2.0 is on its way, with an expected launch this summer, though no specific date was announced. Spikes also shared a number of the new features that will be available with the service.

The CEO revealed that the new MoviePass will offer tiered pricing plans, allowing potential subscribers to pick the plan that works best for their budget and movie-going habits. No info on the price points for these plans was shared. 

MoviePass 2.0 is also going to use a virtual currency which, in addition to allowing subscribers to see movies, can be spent on other items. Unused credits will be able to be rolled over month to month and can even be tradeable with other MoviePass users, though those details are still being ironed out, said Spikes.

Another new feature will be the ability to use the MoviePass app to bring a friend with you to see a movie.

In an era where many movie theater chains have their own subscription services, Spikes says that MoviePass intends to keep one of the features that was its calling card — allowing subscribers to see movies at a number of different theaters. Referencing an internal survey, Spikes said that 75% of people would like a similarly priced option to the movie theater subscription deals that can be used at different theater chains. 

The MoviePass 2.0 live stream event can be watched on YouTube or, where you can also find out more specifics about the relaunched MoviePass and sign up for alerts to get notified when it is ready to launch.

Michael Balderston

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