Myleene Klass reveals how she overcame her fear to make her raw documentary about miscarriage

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Myleene Klass in ‘Miscarriage & Me’ (Image credit: UKTV)

Musician, presenter and entrepreneur Myleene Klass says her upcoming, deeply personal documentary about miscarriage initially terrified her, but she knew that a programme like it would have helped her deal with her own.

Myleene Klass: Miscarriage & Me will see the mum of three open up about the trauma she experienced when she lost four babies and she aims to “break the taboo which often surrounds this type of pregnancy loss”.

Myleene told The Telegraph that she had lost four babies with fiancé Simon Motson after experiencing healthy pregnancies with her daughters, Hero and Ava.

It was an experience she first publicised in an Instagram post last October: “I am Mama to 7 babies, Ava, Hero, Apollo my rainbow baby and 4 little stars in the sky.I know after my own MC’s how I scoured the internet for stories similar to mine for peace, reassurance.I hope this helps even one lost soul.”

“It was such a visceral, honest post,” said Myleene. “So many women needed to see that. I thought, ‘Well, the only way you can play your part in this is by talking and by also sharing.’ But it’s very difficult to do and it leaves you in an extremely vulnerable position.”

She felt alone after each miscarriage and found herself googling in the middle of the night, searching for someone to say, “This is what you need to do,” or, “It happened to me’.”

Her harrowing, lonely experiences prompted the documentary on W channel, a project she initially felt was too daunting to consider making.

“I wanted to [make it] but I didn’t have the courage at first. I never put myself in positions where I’m vulnerable because I don’t need to any more. I love my life – why would I suddenly shake it all up to make this documentary that I was terrified of? But I did it because this programme would have helped me immensely.”

Myleene hopes Miscarriage & Me will help women stop blaming themselves and help pregnancy charity Tommy’s force the government to change the care system so that more families can get the help they need following a miscarriage.

Her own story has a happier ending than many. After four miscarriages with Sim, in 2019 she gave birth to a son, Apollo.

“I was so grateful for what we already had,” she said of her family. “But I wanted this baby with Sim and I didn’t want the thing that was binding us to be the loss of a baby. Blended families will know; there’s mine, yours and ours, and he’s ours. It’s like we were all waiting for him.”

Myleene Klass: Miscarriage & Me will screen on W on Thursday, Oct 14.

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