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Excitement as THIS member of Stefan Dennis's family joins cast of Neighbours


Stefan Dennis's son will be following in his legendary footsteps...

Neighbours has announced the son of Ramsay Street legend Stefan Dennis is joining the soap for a guest role.

Soap fans across the globe will know Stefan is famous for his role as Paul Robison, having played the Erinsborough favourite since the very first episode of Neighbours was aired back on 18th March 1985.

Stefan Dennis Neighbours

Stefan's son Declan has joined the cast of Neighbours in a guest role (Picture: Channel 5)

But while the character Paul might have welcomed seven children into the world over the years, it is now time for Stefan's real-life son, Declan, to join him on the show.

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Declan is Stefan's youngest son, and will be following in his father's legendary footsteps by playing a shady character called Louis Curtain.

Paul Robinson has had his own fair share of darker storylines over the years, with him often getting caught up various scandals while often breaking the law, and now Stefan's son will be learning from the very best soap villain as he joins his dad on set.

The father and son duo have already started filming, with Neighbours production back up and running during the coronavirus pandemic with a skeleton cast and crew who are sticking to strict social distancing rules.

Stefan Dennis Neighbours

Stefan and Declan stick to the social distancing rules while on set together (Picture: Channel 5)

Talking of his son going Neighbours, Stefan said: "I’m obviously very proud that Declan has chosen to, not so much follow in my footsteps but to make his mark in the world of show biz.

"Contrary to what people may think, he did this on his own - apart from the dad taxi bit! So, yes very proud and happy to pass on some wisdom from my years in the biz.

"The great thing about him working on the show is that now we do our lines together at night. Fortunately, he’s not opposed to getting a bit of advice and coaching from me, and it’s fun to see him take direction so easily and turn up good scenes.  He even gives me a gem to think about sometimes, you never stop learning in this industry."

Despite the fact the pair live together, when on the Neighbours set Stefan and Declan must stick to the strict social distancing rules in place, which means not being in the same studio unless they're filming together and always maintaining a 1.5 metre distance.

Neighbours, Paul Robinson, Terese Willis, David Tanaka

Stefan has been playing Paul Robinson since Neighbours started in 1985 (Picture: Channel 5) (Image credit: Channel 5)

Stefan revealed: "Our characters’ storylines actually don’t cross over so we don’t even see each other whilst at the studios because of the new system in place there to make it safe for everyone.  We go our separate ways at the front of the studio!"

Speaking of his new role on Neighbours, Declan added: "Dad didn’t so much help me just play ‘the bad guy’ it was more about helping me develop the character as a whole. But it is fun being a bit of a chip off the old block.

"I do like the idea of following it as a career but I also understand the pitfalls of the unsureness of this industry. Therefore, I understand why my parents have suggested I have a second string to my bow!"

Neighbours will temporarily air a reduced schedule of three episodes a week. Watch on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.