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New Sky comedy Bloods starts filming with an all-star cast

Bloods Sky One
Bloods Sky One (Image credit: Sky One)

There's a new comedy heading for Sky One...

It has been announced today that new Sky One paramedic comedy, Bloods, has started filming in London.

The new six-part series follows a pair of apparently mismatched paramedics and their fellow ambulance station colleagues as they fight to save lives in South London.

Jane Horrocks

Jane will play a South London paramedic called Wendy (Picture: Getty)

Filming has begun in London

Cast and crew have kicked off filming on location in South London, and will see Famalam actor Samson Kayo join Absolutely Fabulous star Jane Horrocks to lead an all-star cast.

Forming the rest of the cast is Gavin and Stacey's Adrian Scarborough, Lucy Punch, Julian Barratt, Kevin Garry, Sam Campbell and Aasiya Shah.

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The story so far...

Kayo plays loner Maleek, who will form a firm friendship with his over-friendly divorcee paramedic colleague Wendy, played by Jane Horrocks.

Despite the pair getting off to a bad start, they are soon helping each other through life's scrapes.

Set within the fast-paced, never-ending rush of 999 call outs, Bloods will see each 30 minute episode follow Maleek and Wendy’s struggle to gain the respect of their fellow paramedics.

Speaking of her new role, Jane said: "I am very much looking forward to working on Bloods and being paired with the extremely funny Samson Kayo.

Samson Kayo

Samson has landed a lead role in new Sky comedy Bloods (Picture: Getty)

"I know nothing of the world of paramedics, but maybe I need to overcome my fear of blood before I start."

Samson Kayo added: "I’m super excited to show the world Bloods especially because I almost became a paramedic.

"Lucky for the NHS, I chose to play the character instead! I’m looking forward to hopefully bringing a bag of laughs to Sky with the lovely team at Roughcut who have some quality comedies under their belt!"

Bloods will air on Sky One and NOW TV in 2021.