Next in Fashion fans lose their minds over pizza purse that took 3 hours to make

 (L to R) Bao Tranchi, Nigel Xavier, Megan O'Cain, James Ford, Danny Godoy, Deontre Hancock, Desyrée Nicole and Amari Carter standing next to their favorite designs
Next in Fashion season 2 fans had their attention on James's pizza bag. (Image credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

*Contains spoilers for Next in Fashion season 2*

Next in Fashion season 2 fans were baffled by a pizza purse that took three hours to make in the collaboration challenge.

After Next in Fashion fans rushed to buy a sewing machine after the "inspirational" second season, there's now one accessory that got viewers talking — James's pizza purse.

The popular competition show Next in Fashion returned with 12 new designers all hoping to become the next big thing in fashion and win the life-changing prize money of $200,000, as well as the opportunity to launch their collection on Rent the Runway.

In episode five, the designers were tasked with working together to create two collaborative looks that represent both of their styles.

As designer Godoy won the previous challenge, he had the advantage of choosing who he wanted to collab with and he picked fellow designer James as his teammate.

(L to R) Danny Godoy, James Ford and Bao Tranchi

Godoy chose to work with James in the collaboration challenge. (Image credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

As the pair got to work on their designs, hosts Tan France and Gigi Hadid interrupted the contestants with an important announcement — they informed the designers that they also had to make an accessory to go with their pieces.

After Gigi hesitated on James and Godoy's initial idea of an ordinary black leather envelope bag, James decided to think out of the box and suggested that they make a pizza purse.

However, Godoy seemed reluctant about the sparkly fabric James wanted to use and wanted it to have a more "sleek" look.

The pair disagreed on what kind of materials and look they wanted the purse to be, but managed to come to an agreement regarding the creation of the pizza bag.

As James got working on the pizza purse, Godoy couldn't help but laugh at the sheer amount of time it was taking James to make it.

He said: "Sometimes time flies and you don't realize how long you've been working on something. Or sometimes you work on a pizza bag for three hours, and you think it's been an hour."

James using a sewing machine

All eyes were on James's pizza bag! (Image credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

However, when it came down to showcasing their looks, guest judge Olivier Rousteing didn't seem impressed by the food-based accessory, saying that: "I have a really hard time with the pizza bag."

Tan added: "I like the pizza bag as a standalone piece. I think it's funny and playful. However, if you don't know the story, it's so distracting."

Unfortunately, the pizza purse didn't win over the judges and James and Godoy were sent home, with hosts Tan and Gigi breaking down in tears at the announcement.

The pepperoni pizza bag was a talking point for Next in Fashion fans on Twitter as they voiced their opinions on the statement accessory, with one commenting: "James was really Godoy’s downfall. Cause what do you mean by a pizza purse? #NextInFashion2 #NextInFashion."

Another added: "James was very unserious for taking 3hrs to make that pizza bag but kind of sad he was eliminated. #NextInFashion."

Next in Fashion season 2 is available to watch on Netflix now.

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