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Our Girl – BBC reveals when final THREE episodes will be shown after episode six is CANCELLED due to tennis and football!

Michelle Keegan as Georgie Lane in Our Girl
(Image credit: Marcos Cruz)

Our Girl fans have had a very long wait to see the sixth episode of the series. This story has been UPDATED because BBC has announced when the final episode will be shown as well now.

Our Girl fans have been suffering more torment than the show’s heroine, Georgie Lane (played by Michelle Keegan), due to last minute scheduling changes!

Episode six of the army drama was originally meant to be shown last Monday, it then moved to the Tuesday but due to World Cup clashes it was then moved to the Friday, where it was this time cancelled because of the BBC’s Wimbledon coverage!

It will now – assuming nothing else happens! – be screened at 9pm tonight (17th July).

Former Coronation Street star Michelle apologised to fans - many of whom were angry over all the schedule changes - saying she was "sorry for all the confusion".

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Summing up the general mood, one fan wrote: "So unfair you've taken Our Girl off again! Why not put the tennis in BBC2 instead. Already missed out due to the football being on a different channel...".

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The episode will see the intensely awkward tension between Georgie and Captain James (Ben Aldridge) continue.

Our Girl S5 6/8

Our Girl fans have had a very long wait to see episode six!

Episode seven of Our Girl will now be shown on Monday 23rd July at 9pm.

And it's just been announced that episode eight, the finale of the series, will be screened on Tuesday 24th July at 9pm.

So there you have it!