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Our Girl - BBC1

Our Girl S5 6/8
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Soldiering doesn't get any easier when Georgie’s feelings are in the way as the military drama continues to gather pace

They’re still reeling from last week’s shocking turn of events, but 2-Section have no choice: they’ve got to take a deep breath, get back out there and find out who was responsible for the deadly explosion – as well as helping the refugees coming over the border from Myanmar.

Georgie attends to the refugee children

Georgie attends to the refugee children

Life carries on, but what of the intensely awkward tension between Georgie (Michelle Keegan) and Captain James (Ben Aldridge)?

It doesn’t look like she’s going to fall into his arms any time soon. In fact, she has requested a transfer to a different section, but of course he talks her round… on the condition that he keeps their relationship purely professional.

But is it a promise the conflicted captain can keep?

TV Times rating: ****

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