Did you spot rock icon Paul Weller in the Sherlock finale?

paul weller
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It was a blink and you'll miss it appearance, but rock legend Paul Weller had a role in the final episode of Sherlock on Sunday night

The Sunday night series finale of Sherlock was full of unexpected twists, turns and surprises, but there was one that even the most hawk-eyed of viewers may have missed.

In a final montage showing life after Sherlock and John Watson manage to rebuild the blasted Baker Street office, one particular clip showed the doctor examining a body on the floor.

But it wasn’t just any body. Those looking close enough noticed that it just happened to be the rock icon Paul Weller in one of the world’s most understated cameo roles ever.

Paul made a visit to 221B Backer Street.

Paul Weller made a visit to 221B Baker Street (Robert Viglasky/BBC/PA)


You’d be forgiven for missing it, as the bearded Viking disguise makes it pretty difficult to work out exactly whose eyes Martin Freeman is poking around with.

Apparently Paul and Martin are good friends in real life, with The Hobbit star taking a role in the former The Jam frontman’s music video, Pick It Up.

People took to Twitter after the revelation – some spotted it, some missed it, some got a bit too excited about it, and some are desperately hoping that it could even be a hint of spin-offs to come…

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Paul Weller with his own TV series? Now that is definitely a show we would want to watch.


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