Physical: 100 drops shocking twist ahead of third challenge

A Physical: 100 contestant bagging sand during the second task
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NOTE: This article contains spoilers for Physical: 100 episodes 5 and 6.

Netflix's thrilling reality series, Physical: 100 has already packed in several brutal tasks (and a few curveballs) for its cast of uber-fit contestants, but the top-performing stars got quite a shock in the latest batch of episodes: five contestants had secretly been saved from their elimination!  

At the end of episode 5, the surviving 25 Physical: 100 contestants who'd made it through the Moving Sand challenge headed back to the gallery to find out what the next brutal task would be. Before Quest No. 3 was introduced, five additional stars returned to the room.

As we learned in the second new episode, the losing 25 stars had actually taken part in Quest 2.5 in secret, whilst the victors had been relaxing in the luxe sports lounge. This task saw the other 25 contestants facing a test of strength to try and win back their spot in the competition.

In another room, the losing 25 were presented with a room containing the casts of their torsos hanging from ropes. The sculptures weighed 40% of their corresponding contestant's body weight, and each star was tasked with holding onto the rope to keep them suspended in the air; the five who lasted the longest got to rejoin the show.

The five survivors were: Shim Eu-ddeum, Lee Jun-myeong, Choi Sung-hyuk, Kim Sang-wook, and Seong Chi-hyun. These five contestants were then combined to form a team of five, with Kim Sang-wook as their leader.

After these five headed back into the gallery, the six groups had to combine into three teams of ten for the next grueling task. Quest 3 saw the three teams dragging a 1.5-ton boat across some logs on a sandy floor and hitching it up on a slope on the far side of the room. Before they could set sail, though, they had to scour the room for ten heavy oak barrels and load them on board, meaning the boat weigh a staggering 2 tons in total.

MMA fighter Choo Sung-hoon and Strongman Jo Jin-hyeong's two teams joined forces and went first, with Ma Sun-ho and Yun Sung-bin's teams stepping up to the plate second. Since Jang Eun-sil and Kim Sang-wook's groups weren't chosen by the other four groups, they were automatically thrown together for the next stage.

In typical Physical: 100 fashion, we've been left on a cliffhanger until next week to see how Jang Eun-sil and Kim Sang-wook's team fares during the challenge, and whether either set of contestants will manage to beat the first group's time.

Physical: 100 episodes 1-6 are now available on Netflix. Two more episodes will arrive on February 14, with the series finale following on February 21. 

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