Is Jessel Taank's husband actually going to Vietnam 'for a sandwich'? RHONY fans speculate

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Jessel Taank's husband was the subject of many a conversation this week on The Real Housewives of New York City season 14, both between the NYC housewives themselves and with RHONY viewers at home. 

It started with Jessel and her husband Pavit's sex life, or lack thereof: when Sai De Silva, Erin Lichy and their respective spouses met up for a double date night, Erin mentioned that Jessel and Pavit hadn't slept together since their twins were born a year and a half prior. She asked the men at the table what they would do if they were in Pavit's position: Erin's husband said he would sleep with other women, while Sai's partner said that the relationship would functionally be over. 

However, Jessel's sex situation wasn't something she was worried about. "What I'm going through is not new news. We are in a rut and it's normal. It's not a scandal," she said in a confessional. As for Pavit? "I've been paying this 'married with kids' tax for two years now," he complained. 

So Pavit planned a romantic staycation for the duo at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, during which they allegedly escaped their bedroom rut. (Complete with lingerie picked out by Brynn — Jessel liked her sexy selects way more than Jenna's, FYI.)

However, at a lunch later that week with Sai, the latter confessed she didn't actually believe that Jessel and Pavit broke their celibacy. "I'm sorry, I do not believe that her and Pavit had sex. There are no details!" Sai says. "She's lying."

And that's not all Sai felt the couple wasn't telling the truth about. She also thought it was fishy when Jessel brought up her husband's impending solo 24-hour trip to Vietnam, which Pavit had previously explained was so he could eat an authentic bánh mì sandwich. 

Along with the foodie focus, Jessel added that Pavit does long-haul international trips like his Vietnam plan often as a "mileage run" to get airline credits.

"You man goes to Vietnam for what? There are so many questions running through my mind that I can't, I'm just blank face," Sai said in a talking head.

It's a reasoning that not only perplexed Sai, but also viewers at home. 

RHONY fans react to Jessel Taank's husband, Pavit

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