Corrie's Richard Hawley: 'If Jenny wants to play Johnny, she'll play him'

Johnny Connor, Coronation Street
(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

Richard Hawley says Johnny Connor soon has a change of heart after dumping Jenny Bradley in Coronation Street

It’s hard to keep up with what’s going on between Underworld boss Johnny Connor and cleaner-cum-machinist Jenny. Coronation Street star Richard Hawley tries explaining all to Soaplife…

What causes the latest fall-out between Johnny [Richard] and Jenny [Sally Ann Matthews]? “Jenny’s really cross when Johnny fails to show up for their date due to a family crisis. She’s willing to give him another chance, but then he thinks that maybe they should call it a day after all – what with the factory and his family, there’s just too much on his plate right now.”

 Is Johnny sad about ending the relationship? “It’s not a happy decision. There is a real connection between them, but Jenny was so stroppy when Johnny didn’t turn up for their date. He thinks perhaps this isn’t the right time or place for them after all. Jenny’s furious and feels he’s used her.”

How does Jenny make Johnny jealous? “She goes out for a drink with a business associate of Johnny’s and Johnny sees them in the Bistro together. He’s not happy – it’s classic, old-school jealousy.”

Does Jenny notice? “Oh yes absolutely. She planned this and she’s watching out for that look on his face that shows her he’s feeling jealous. If Jenny wants to play Johnny, she will play him.”

What happens next? “Johnny apologises to Jenny and they get back together – but only after Jenny lays the law down and says he must show her some respect.”

Can they make a go of things? “Yeah, I think they can. They essentially just want happiness. There might be some game-playing going on right now, but I think they can get past that.”

Will Jenny continue to be his Underworld spy? “Yeah, Johnny thinks that’s fun, but also very useful. He wants to know what’s going on at the factory when he’s not there. It’s a risky game, which is bound to come back and bite him at some point.”

Is that set to cause ructions? “It will for Jenny, yes. It’s not a wise move for someone who is already bullied by their co-workers. But he likes that Jenny plays a dangerous game!”