Actor Rob James-Collier makes big reveal about Downton Abbey movie release date

Actor Rob James reveals more about Downton Abbey movie release
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Downton and Corrie star Rob James Collier talks Downton the movie, which he hopes will go out next year (!), and what it’s like to play a cad in his latest TV role.

Rob James Collier talks to Soaplife about Downton Abbey the movie, and what it’s like to play a cad in his latest TV role...

Soaplife: What have you been up to Rob?

Rob James Collier: “At the minute, there’s a film I’m attached to but I’m not allowed to say as I’ll get sued and all that! The Downtown movie is also hopefully going out next year. And there’s a couple of projects of my own I’m trying to get off the ground.”

Will the Downton film be out next year?

Downton Abbey the movie could be on for next year!

S: We hear you’re starring in the new Sky Arts comedy-drama series, Urban Myths.

RJC: “Yes. I’m in an episode exploring crime writing legend Agatha Christie’s 11-day disappearance in 1926. The story gripped the nation and other famous crime writers of the time, such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Dorothy L Sayers, were drafted in to help the search for her.”

S: Who do you play?

RJC: “I play Agatha’s husband, Archie. He’s a bit of a cad, which is what attracted me to the role. He’s Colonel Archie and he has a military background. But, of course, he’s having an affair at the time.”

S: So he’s a total scoundrel.

RJC: “Yes! He’s very duplicitous, but he really doesn’t care and everything is done with a smile on his face. He’s got an easy charm and he doesn’t have any regrets about what he’s doing. He’s great to play.”

S: So he’s not fussed she’s gone missing and he might be suspected of killing her?

RJC: “No, not really. He’s more concerned about getting the divorce papers signed. He’s heartless! That’s his main thing: to get the divorce papers signed and get 50 per cent of everything she’s got, then live happily ever after with my younger woman!”

S: Why do you think this period of Christie’s life is so fascinating?

RJC: “To run away from your husband for 11 days was quite a brave thing to do in that period. But Christie was a woman who was way ahead of her time. Firstly, she was the main bread winner in the marriage and, secondly, she was powerful in the male-dominated world of books.”

S: Why do you think she ran away?

RJC: “We suggest she ran away to force Archie to follow her so she could make him make him realise he really did love her.”

S: Have you enjoyed going back to the 1920s?

RJC: “Oh yes. It’s always nice to get dressed up in period clothing, particularly the finer robes of the upper classes. The cast is fantastic, too, so to be part of this ensemble was another thing that attracted me.”

Urban Myths: Agatha Christie is being shown on Sky Arts on Thursday 17th May at 9pm.


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