Roma (1972) | Blu-ray release - Federico Fellini's triumphant homage to the Eternal City


For the first time in the UK comes the Blu-ray release of Roma, one of the most colourful spectacles in the cinema of Federico Fellini. This homage to Rome brings the Eternal City to exuberant outrageous life through a surreal mix of fantasy, documentary and autobiography. As Fellini travels with a film crew to document the construction of a new ring-road circling Rome in the 1970s, the viewer is drawn into a series of surreal episodes drawn from Fellini's imagination to get to core of what it is to be Roman.


The Masters of Cinema Blu-ray release includes a 1080p HD transfer of the international cut, restored in 2010 from a 35mm negative, with options to watch the film with or without subtitles, with English audio, and with separate music and effects tracks. There’s also an interview with Italian cinema expert Chris Wagstaff, deleted scenes and two trailers. If you want to know more about the film, check out Pete's full review (click here