Shine a light on this exclusive 'Hosts' clip

A Christmas Eve dinner in 'Hosts.'
A Christmas Eve dinner in 'Hosts.' (Image credit: Dark Sky)

While horror fans are a united collective, we all have our favorite flavors. Me? I can’t turn away a title that takes place on Christmas, morphing the gift-giving holiday into a winter wonderland massacre. Why tell you this? Well, if you haven’t noticed already, I’ll be sharing my exploration of horror cinema with What To Watch readers on a weekly basis, until editors revoke my authorship privileges. That also includes sharing exclusive clips, like this one for Dark Sky Films' upcoming Hosts.

In Adam Leader and Richard Oakes’ film, “A father with a dark secret unknowingly invites a demonic entity, disguised as his neighbors, into his home to enjoy Christmas dinner with his family.” Based on the trailer, said demon manifests itself as glowing icy lights that burst from human orifices, while a family is tortured one by one. You thought your dysfunctional holiday festivities were a nuisance? Hosts adds weapons, bloodshed, and supernatural evils into the mix.

Here’s an exclusive clip on behalf of Dark Sky Films, to set the mood:

Let’s call this glimpse a suspense builder, as we are shown one of the characters investigating some outdoor greenhouse area with a flashlight. A chilly blueish hue cools the night sky, with a Christmas lookin’ sweater shown underneath the man’s jacket. Not much to report, but a tease nonetheless. I guess you’ll have to find out what’s evading the camera in Dark Sky Film’s unwrapped little nibble of content. What awaits as Saint Nick makes his rounds, although naughtiness might keep him away from this household.

Hosts will be available this weekend, 10/2, through digital and video-on-demand platforms. The film was directed by Adam Leader and Richard Oakes, written by Leader, and stars Neal Ward (Two Graves, To Dream), Samantha Loxley (Election Night, Skin Deep), Frank Jakeman (A View to Kill, Rise of the Krays), Nadia Lamin, alongside others. What’s stopping you from celebrating Christmas in October as long as there are some yuletide thrills involved?

Matt Donato

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