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Silent Witness 2018 - Nikki FINALLY gets a new man, reveals Emilia Fox

Silent Witness 2018 - Nikki FINALLY gets a new man, reveals Emilia Fox
(Image credit: BBC/Sally Mais)

Silent Witness 2018 - Dr Nikki Alexander has never had much luck with the opposite sex, but Emilia Fox has revealed things might be about to change

Silent Witness star Emilia Fox has revealed that Dr Nikki Alexander is finally set for a new romance as the BBC1 hit returns next Monday.

Nikki has famously been unlucky in love in the long running series. But the 43-year-old actress, who first starred as Nikki way back in 2004, has said Nikki finds a new love interest in the form of a dashing American ambassador.

“In this series you see Nikki begin a relationship with the U.S. ambassador to London, Matt Garcia, who is played by Michael Landes,” revealed Emilia.

“It is significant for many reasons, most of all because it is the first proper relationship we have seen her in for many years - particularly since Harry, with their will they/won’t they relationship.”

Silent Witness series 21 Emilia Fox as Dr Nikki Alexander

Silent Witness 2018 - Has Nikki finally found love?

Emilia added that Matt might be a keeper for Nikki.

“You see Nikki want to commit to a relationship at last and it is in the aftermath of looking at life and her relationships post what happened to her in Mexico.

“It also enables Nikki to move forward from the trauma and to finally find happiness in her personal life. Who knows for how long it will be, but it was lovely to play Nikki having something to smile about again.”

Emilia is back with series regulars Richard Lintern, David Caves and Liz Carr for five new two-part stories - check out our preview of the opening episode.

Nikki (Emilia Fox) escaped being buried alive by a Mexican drug cartel at the end of the last series, so it’s hardly surprising that the traumatised pathologist is on gardening leave while she recovers.

Nikki must keep an eye on prime suspect David (centre) in the first episode of the new series

She revealed that the opening story deals with what happened to the Lyell team in the aftermath of Nikki and Jack’s return from Mexico, where they thought Nikki had been buried alive.

“Nikki is desperate to return to work and becomes involved in the case of a missing colleague, where the main suspect, David Cannon [Julian Rhind-Tutt] is invited to work at the Lyell so that the authorities can keep him under surveillance.

“The episode turns into a cat-and-mouse thriller between Nikki and David: she thinks he is guilty, but can’t be totally certain because she is still affected by paranoia and trauma following her experience in Mexico.”

Silent Witness begins on BBC1 at 9pm on Monday January 8th.