Small kaiju teased in the official trailer for Netflix's 'Pacific Rim: The Black'

Two main characters inside of their mech in Pacific Rim: The Black.
(Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix announced a March 4 premiere date for Pacific Rim: The Black earlier this week. Today the streaming platform dropped the official trailer, and it’s full of action and a few things we've never seen before in this world. The trailer gives a fresh look and further introduces the main characters. Australia is in ruins, there are smaller kaiju running around, there’s a mysterious kid, and biggest of all, there might be kaiju who don’t kill people. 

The full-length trailer centers on two teen siblings, Taylor and Hayley, who were forced to abandon their home after the entire continent of Australia evacuated due to a kaiju takeover. After finding refuge, they decide to return to their home in hopes of finding their parents. Instead of traveling by foot, the pair traverse the hellscape piloting a long-abandoned Jaeger. Kaiju monsters are still overrunning the continent, and they run into a strange child while exploring a destroyed city. The trailer ends with a kaiju stopping another from pouncing on Hayley, which was extremely surprising because when did kaiju start saving humans. 

Pacific Rim: The Black is based on the world established in 2013’s Pacific Rim from director Guillermo del Toro and screenwriter Travis Beacham. The movie is filled with colossal kaiju creatures that rise from portals deep in the ocean. Humanity defends themselves by using giant Jaeger robots. The Jaegers are captained by two pilots who control them by using The Drift, a process wherein the pilots mind-meld with each other. 

Greg Johnson and Craig Kyle are the series showrunners. Pacific Rim: The Black is produced through Legendary Entertainment and Polygon Pictures. Legendary also has two other anime series set to debut on Netflix, Tomb Raider and Skull Island. Netflix has already stated that Pacific Rim: The Black will run for at least two seasons. The first season begins streaming on March 5 and will be seven episodes long.