Spotify Premium now includes Hulu service for just $9.99 a month

Spotify and Hulu

Spotify today rolled out a new bundle that's almost too darn good to pass up. For $ 9.99 a month you'll get Spotify Premium — and Hulu's basic level of ad-supported service.

Spotify if employing some serious FOMO here, though, artificially limiting the number of folks who will be able to take advantage of this deal. How many until we hit a cap? That's unknown. But one way or another this deal runs out on June 10, so figure it's a decent number.

Why mess with Spotify Premium when you can get plenty of music through the free version? For one, you get more tracks. And you also get offline access, no ads, unlimited skins, and higher-quality audio. And now you'll also get Hulu.

Some fine print: This is available for new Spotify Premium subscribers as well as those who already have Premium. (If you're a new sub, you'll get a free month of both Spotify and Hulu, then start paying $9.99.) And if you're paying $12.99 from last year's bundle deal, you'll automatically be dropped down to the new lower price and get Hulu.) For subscribers to get the new deal with Hulu, you'll need to go into your account settings and change your plan. You can do so here .

One not-so-fine print: This isn't available if you're on a Spotify Premium Family plan. So you'll keep on paying $14 a month for your Spotify, and extra if you're also a Hulu subscriber. No deal for you.

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