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Star vs. the Forces of Evil: How to prepare for the Final Season

Stand back because it's gonna get a little weird; it's gonna get a little wild. If you finished that sentence and followed it up immediately with "I ain't from round here. I'm from another dimension!" congratulations! Your kids (or you - we're not judging here!) are hooked on Disney's hit series Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

If not, you may need to go watch an episode or two. Better yet, here's a crash course. Beware, spoilers ahead!

What is Star vs. The Forces of Evil?

Star vs. the Forces of Evil tells the story of the Princess of Mewni, a fourteen year old girl named Star Butterfly. Don't be fooled though. Despite her delightful name and title, Star won't be singing to the birds and mice in the forest or waiting in a tall tower for some handsome prince to save her.

Star is a firecracker, donning red devil horns and causing chaos as she rides her "war-nicorn" stampede through the streets. So destructive was Star's magic that her parents sent her off to the magic-less dimension of Earth as a sort of foreign exchange student where she could learn to use her magic without wrecking their entire kingdom. Once there, she befriended a human boy named Marco and the two have been having crazy adventures ever since.

The fourth and final season will pick up shortly after Star abdicated the throne (and her magic wand) to Eclipsa.

After two seasons on Earth fighting monsters and learning how to control her wild magic, the third season picked up with the made-for-tv movie, The Battle for Mewni, in which Star defeated the monster who killed her grandmother and led her own mother, Moon down the path of dark magic. The third season saw Star return to her home dimension determined to be a better Princess and to uncover the dark secrets of the Butterfly family. Namely the secrets surrounding her supposed ancestor, Eclipsa Butterfly, who abandoned the kingdom in favor of a monster prince, Globgor.

After several episodes of digging, Star and her mother, Moon, discovered the truth behind years of cover-up: neither Star nor any queen since Eclipsa was actually royalty. After a battle with Eclipsa's daughter that saw nearly every character's soul sucked right out of their bodies, Star returned the wand to Eclipsa who sacrificed her own daughter to save all of Mewni.

The Final Season, but maybe not the end?

In just a few days, the fourth and final season of Daron Nefcy's series Star vs. the Forces of Evil will return to the Disney channel after airing all but the series premiere on Disney XD. Now, before you get upset, neither the move nor the cut off at four seasons had anything to do with failing ratings.

Daron Nefcy decided when her story was finished and not even the entirety of Scrooge McDuck's money bin could get her to drag it out.

In fact, Star remains one of the most watched shows on the Disney XD network and if Disney had their way, the show would probably carry on for many, many more seasons. However, much like Alex Hirsh's Gravity Falls, creator Daron Nefcy decided when her story was finished and not even the entirety of Scrooge McDuck's money bin could get her to drag it out beyond the story she wanted to tell. And what a story it has been.

The fourth and final season will pick up shortly after Star abdicated the throne (and her magic wand) to Eclipsa. This season promises to be an exciting one as Eclipsa has turned the entire Mewni way upside down, protecting monsters, the once second class citizens. On top of a huge socio-political upheaval, Star's mother, Moon is missing once again.

While the show will be concluding this season, after last season's movie, fans are hopeful for another. We can also expect more shorts and comics, much like Gravity Falls and the success of Star is sure to open doors for creator Daron Nefcy to create and collaborate on new projects down the road. In the meantime, Nefcy will be lending her voice to "Ollie and Scoops" a new series in the works by Nico Colaleo, creator of DreamworksTV's Too Loud and an editor for Star Vs. the Forces of Evil.

Where can I watch this season?

Tune in Sunday, March 10 at 8am Eastern on Disney Channel or in the Disney App for the special hour long premiere of season four and every Sunday morning after as we conclude this wild ride. If you'd like to catch up (and don't have the entire series on your DVR like we do) the entire series up to now can be found on Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Where do I go if I want more Star?

If the show alone isn't enough of Star and Marco's adventures, there are books and comics already available with new adventures and plenty of world-building backstory. The first book, Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension , written in the best-selling "Guide to Life" format provides nearly 200 pages of information on the world of Mewni and many of the other dimensions depicted in the show, along with insight into fan favorite characters like Princess Pony Head.

Then, much like Gravity Fall's "Journal 3", Daron Nefcy has published a companion book designed after Star's book of spells . This 256 page book contains all the history of the Butterfly family, along with secrets and notes from many of the past Queens of Mewni. Both books come with gorgeous posters, featuring new original art. There are also several comics as well as fan made books promoted by the series creator herself and more are sure to come.