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Tamsin Greig: ‘People live with secrets and lies in Belgravia!’

Tamsin Greig Belgravia

Tamsin Greig on the intrigue ahead in ITV period drama Belgravia

Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes is once again bringing the past to sumptuous life with ITV period drama Belgravia, based on his own 2016 novel. The six-part series, set mainly in the 1840s, centres on Anne Trenchard, played by Tamsin Greig, and her property developer husband James (Philip Glenister).

For over 25 years, the Trenchards have done their best to hide the fact they have a grandson as their daughter Sophia died in childbirth after becoming pregnant by upper-crust Edmund Bellasis, who was killed at the Battle of Waterloo. But Anne is now torn over whether to share the secret with Edmund’s mother Caroline, Lady Brockenhurst (Dame Harriet Walter)...

Here Friday Night Dinner star Tamsin Greig reveals all about the twists and turns in store in ITV period drama Belgravia as it continues…

How do you see Anne?

Tamsin Greig: “The Trenchards are upwardly mobile but Anne’s not interested in status. She loves James but what drives him is different from what drives her and the tension could bring danger. But it’s about how they survive. Anne is guarding her own heartbreak over Sophia but she tries to work things out for the family’s good.”

Is Anne going to reveal to Lady Brockenhurst that they share a grandson?

TG: “It’s intriguing how people live with lies and secrets. Both Anne and James are capable of hiding information. James has told Anne not to talk about their secret but she might be compelled to break her word… It’s thrilling Julian has put two women - Anne and Caroline - at the heart of the story”

Belgravia Harriet Walter

Dame Harriet Walter as Caroline, Lady Brockenhurst in Belgravia (Image credit: ITV)

Have you had fun co-starring with Philip Glenister?

TG: “Oh Philip brings such ebullience, warmth and energy to James. It’s a joy. He’s a brilliant raconteur and very playful!”

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Tamsin Greig and Philip Glenister in Belgravia

Tamsin Greig and Philip Glenister as Anne and James Trenchard in Belgravia

Were you a fan of Downton Abbey and have you enjoyed working with Julian Fellowes?

TG: “I’ve only watched the Downton film on a plane! But Julian spins a great yarn and gives you characters that, regardless of their hierarchy, have something in them that you go, ‘I recognise that’. He’s interested in human nature. And he looked like a child in a sweet shop when he came on the Belgravia set!”

Belgravia continues on Sunday on ITV at 9pm