The Atomic Submarine (1959) | This vintage sci-fi adventure from inner space is a rainy day treat

atomic MT.jpg


When several atomic submarines disappear in the North Pole, pride of the US fleet, the Tiger Shark, embarks on its most strangest and fearful voyage ever. Hitting an underwater electrical storm, the sub's crew discover extraterrestrial forces are at work and begin to stalk an alien craft they dub, Cyclops, 1200-feet below the surface. When the two titanic craft become locked together in a death grip, the sub's commander Reef Holloway (Arthur Franz) and his young rival, scientist Carl Nielsen (Brett Halsey), head inside the mysterious craft with a team of frogman. Coming face-to-face with a gigantic one-eyed inhabitant, they learn of its plans for colonising the Earth and set in motion a plan to take the alien menace down. But first they must escape its radioactive death ray…

Now this vintage sci-fi films has two elements that really stand out: composer Alexander Laszlo’s electro-sonic soundtrack which combines a Bela Bartok-inspired piano score with Hammond organ and Theremin; and the gigantic one-eyed alien.

This new DVD release from Screenbound is based on a print struck in 1987, and it really shows up the film’s sub-par special effects that consist of a spinning top for a flying saucer, a kid’s toy submarine, a spotlight for the alien death ray, and a hand puppet for the Cyclops creature. But who cares? This nostalgic Boy’s Own adventure is a whole lot of fun and great treat for a rainy day. The only extra is an unrestored trailer (watch it below) that plays like a war propaganda film complete with newsreel styled music.