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The Chase fans slam contestants for making THIS big mistake

The Chase
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Fans weren't happy with this week's contestants...

The Chase fans are known for their strong opinions, and they definitely didn't hold back during Tuesday's episode.

Saroop, Karen, Milo and Natalie were up against Jenny "The Vixen" Ryan, but fans were critical of the Final Chase performance.

Natalie, Milo and Karen were left for the Final Chase after Saroop was eliminated from the game.

Since three of them made it to the final round, they were given three steps ahead of the Chaser before their time started.

But despite the advantage, viewers were critical of their performance as many felt they were too slow in the Final Chase.

The three contestants only scored 15, and usually it takes around 20 steps to beat the Chaser when the time runs out.

Taking to Twitter, some fans called out the team for taking such a long time to answer questions.

One fan wrote, "Why are they answering so slowly? #thechase"

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Another added, "They are wasting sooo much time! #TheChase"

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A third wrote, "A bit slow answering #TheChase"

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During the main game Karen had brought back £7,000, Milo suffered a disappointing £2,000 Cash Builder and Natalie brought back £6,000.

Sadly for the team, 15 steps wasn't enough to beat Jenny, and she caught them in the final round with 30 seconds to spare.

Bradley and Jenny noted that more steps and push backs would have been essential in this game.

The Final Chase is the second quick fire round after the Cash Builder.

It's important for contestants to be on top form in order to bring back maximum money with them.

But sadly Tuesday's team were unable to win any of the prize money because their final showdown against the Chaser was just too slow.

Better luck next time team!

The Chase is on ITV1 weekdays at 5pm.

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