The Control Room viewers rage at 'stupid decisions'

The Control Room star Iain De Caestecker as Gabe, urging Sam to stay silent.
The Control Room fans were not happy about Gabe's "stupid decision"... (Image credit: BBC/Hartswood Films/Jamie Simpson)

The Control Room kicked off on BBC1, but fans weren't too convinced by some of the "stupid decisions" made throughout the course of the new thriller series.

In the first episode of The Control Room we meet Gabe (Iain De Caestecker), who is an ordinary man and works as an emergency call handler for the Scottish Ambulance Service in Glasgow. But his life changes when he receives a desperate life-and-death call from a woman named Sam (Joanna Vanderham) who appears to know him — and she reveals that she's killed someone.

Because of this bombshell revelation, Gabe quickly gets sucked into Sam's world and is forced to piece together what happened on that fateful day where she apparently killed someone in self-defense, but is she really as innocent as she claims?

It's gripping stuff, but viewers were left frustrated by some of the decisions made in the new series, with some taking to Twitter to brand them "stupid", which has affected their ability to enjoy the new three-part thriller so far.

It seems like the series wants fans to suspend their disbelief for a moment, but they're not impressed and have criticised some of the decisions made by Gabe, which we'll get into below. Spoilers ahead!

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Episode one's cliffhanger ending seems to be what has frustrated people the most, where Gabe had left his mobile phone on his desk with the ringer on, and to make matters worse, Sam phoned him on it despite the fact she knew he was at work and "pretending to be normal".

Because of this, it was actually Gabe's work friend Anthony (Daniel Portman) who picked up the call and Sam immediately gave the game away, with fans raging about this stupidly obvious error! This one mishap has immediately made Anthony suspicious, and he might end up reporting Gabe. 

However, it seems Anthony might be willing to keep Gabe's secret if he gives him something in return, with the former confessing: "I’ll do this for you, if you do something for me. I’m in a mess. But you can get me out."

This ending might spell even more trouble for Gabe, as he's already trying to help Sam out but he might have an even bigger mess on his hands now. We'll have to keep watching to find out more...

The Control Room continues on BBC1 on Monday, July 18 at 9pm. Episodes are also available on BBC iPlayer.

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