The Game season 2 clip: Rick Fox is back (exclusive)

Rick Fox in The Game
Rick Fox in The Game (Image credit: Paramount Plus)

As one of the few television shows that's managed to get rebooted more than once, the Paramount Plus version of The Game continues to captivate fans of the original CW show that debuted in 2006 and the retooled iteration that premiered on BET in 2011, while amassing a new generation of viewers. 

Regardless of the platform, one character that serves as a constant in the series is Tasha Mack (Wendy Raquel Robinson). The mom turned manager extraordinaire has used her hustle and drive to become a force in the sports world. Unfortunately, her personal life hasn't always seen those heights of success — that is until she decided to settle down with Pookie (Rockmond Dunbar). But longtime fans recall her decision to do that was not an easy one, due to her dalliance with Rick Fox. 

Well, Fox is reentering The Game arena, as shown in this exclusive clip. Does that mean Tasha's love life may be headed for a shakeup? 

In the following clip from Paramount Plus, Rick appears to have returned to Tasha at Brittany's (Adriyan Rae) request. While it looks as if he's there to help her with business, their conversation is filled with awkward innuendos and flirting, hinting at the fact that they still share some chemistry. Check out the video for yourself. 

Now we aren't sure what Tasha's full story arc in this season of The Game entails, but a love triangle could certainly be at play. Especially considering Fox proudly informs Tasha he is single in the sneak peek footage. Also, we can’t imagine Pookie will be thrilled to hear Tasha met with Fox and is planning to connect with him again, even if it is business. 

To find out what's in store for Tasha, make sure you tune into The Game season 2 premiering on Paramount Plus on Thursday, December 15. 

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