The Holiday

The Holiday

Couch Potato Pickings

In this feelgood film, London journalist Iris (Kate Winslet)  and American film-maker Amanda (Cameron Diaz) are lovelorn women living on opposite sides of the Atlantic who impulsively decide to swap homes for the Christmas holiday. So Iris moves into a lavish LA house while Amanda settles into a cosy cottage in Surrey.

How many junior journalists working in London can afford to live in a cottage in a beautiful setting within the commuter belt?

Not many.

In the real world, junior journalists are far more likely to be residing in a bedsit in Croydon, Surrey than a period, detached property in rural Shere.

Cameron Diaz

OK, so Iris may have inherited her house or she may come from a wealthy family, but what I find hilarious about this film is that it is so far-fetched yet is probably how many Americans think we Brits live. It’s an easy watch though and suitably festive.

Kate Winslet

Check out this link for more on the Surrey town used for the English location. It was also used for Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason and A Matter of life and Death.

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